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Brunch with the Boys - Composer

7/15/23- David

"The very ambitious and ear-entrancing music by Sean Pflueger was adventurous in scope and sound ---evoking a musical myriad of moods that careens from angst-ridden to sensual to joyful in feeling.  The operatic sensibility is purposeful yet frothy and teasing in tone as befits this small cast of five friends who share Sunday Brunch while a philosophical waitress/waiter supplies drinks and “diva-esque” witty repartee. Pflueger’s work was alternately hopeful, variegated and wistfully arresting and highly original (yet, indeed, the spirit of the composer William Finn hovers in its iconoclastic moments---this is intended as a compliment)" 


7/15/23- By Jill Kyle-Keith,  DC Theater Arts 

"The real reason to see this show is to hear the show, for composer Sean Pflueger has written some lovely music, and the cast is, to a man, a delight to listen to." 


"Brides and Mothers"- Composer, (& Orchestrator for Cox and Box)

11/23/19 by Cybele Pomeroy, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Sean Pflueger’s music as performed by the onstage musicians (now tucked behind the set) is fresh, evocative, sentimental, sweet and sometimes sad, beautifully encapsulating a mother’s journey. In the setting of a bridal shop, mothers and daughters are faced with the necessity of change, and Pflueger’s score mated with Wehrmeyer-Fuentes’ lyrics captures that better than the well-known “Sunrise, Sunset.”"



"The Pier Point Lobster Race"- Composer

06/27/2018 by Paul Babin The Cape Cod Times

The Pier Point Lobster Race to be "hilarious" and "deliciously zany"

"It’s too soon to proclaim them the next Gilbert and Sullivan, but if this brilliantly funny debut is any indication, they have a long career ahead of them."

06/28/2018 Laura Gross-Higgins The Enterprise

 "The songs were well done and funny. I especially liked 'A Boy and his Lobster'",

"The play has a lot of humor"

"I can see why it was the winner [of the competition]."



"Do Not Disturb"- Composer, Ethan Rosenbloom

July 14, 2016 by Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene

"(Sean Pflueger) fully inhabits the figure of Rosenblum, the slightly uptight and overzealous attorney, and proves quite endearing, playing both the comic aspects of his character and the tender moments with equal skill."

"Pflueger has written a wonderful romantic aria that turns him, at a pivotal moment of decision, in a new direction for Ethan Rosenblum"

"As in his previous work, the horror opera,Children of the Mist, composer Sean Pflueger has great enthusiasm and energy for plunging into a genre and going for it with gusto.  With Do Not Disturb, he's done a complete turnabout into a full comedic farce, complete with mistaken identities, banging bedroom doors, a prancing pulchritudinous dame clad in lingerie (this one happens to be a judge,) and some close unwanted calls."

"The work shows Pflueger has developed a tighter control of material.  Musically, the score with its peppery wordplay, full of legalese and social media lingo, has the feel of a modern Gilbert & Sullivan."


July 10, 2016 by Ravelle Brickman, DC Metro Theater Arts

"This bubbly concoction is like an ice cream soda. It's sweet and funny and beautifully performed, all of which helps to explain why it's nearly sold out."

"This is a light opera in which all the actors are so light on their feet they almost levitate."

"Sean Pflueger, who is also the composer and co-author of Do Not Disturb, plays Rosenblum with hapless innocence and body language as expressive as his voice."


Cosi Fan Tutte Goes Hollywood- Elmo (Guglielmo)

April 26, 2016 by Rosalind Lacy, DC Theatre Scene

"Sean Pflueger, who lends his rich, mellow bass-baritone to the role of Elmo, brings a wide-eyed, flustered innocence to the stage. Mega-kudos to him for stepping in as Elmo, to replace a cast member who had to drop out, leaving three weeks rehearsal time before opening. Pflueger provides a fine, delicate balance for Samual Keeler's tenor voice as Randy and scores with a great punch line, the moral, that hits us in the heart, (thanks to script writer Olcott),  in the Aria No. 21: Listen up you girls and women/Donne mie, la fate a tanti,..I really must ask why? Why you?re not better than a guy?? It brought down the house."


Don Giovanni- Masetto

3/18/2015 by Terry Ponick, Washington Times

"Bass-baritone Sean Pflueger was a comic delight possessed, however, of a firm and convincing voice that made you take him more seriously than his country bumpkin of a character."

A Family Reunion- Ollie Jr.

12/3/2013 by Rosalind Lacy, DC Theatre Scene

"Alma clings to her gay son, Ollie Jr., the superb bass, Sean Pflueger," 6, 2013 by Roger Catlin, MD Theatre Guide

"As the returning son Sean Pflueger's bass has authority, clarity, and some sadness reflecting his own past tragedy as he faces an impending one." 

12/6/2013 by Terry Ponick, Washington Times

"Sean Pflueger ... turned in a fine performance."


12/01/2013 by Jessica Vaughan , DC Metro Theater Arts

"From (Sean Pflueger's) first lines singing, 'Let me know I belong here,' to his final solo 'Lament,' he takes us on a universal journey between parents and children."

The American Maid- The Duke

9/8/2012 - by Francine Schwartz DC Metro Theater Arts

"The energetic and endearing portrayal of Annabelle Vandeveer (Shelby Claire) is countered by Sean Pflueger's portrayal of The Duke of Branford, who sings the role beautifully."


Children in the Mist, a Horror Opera- Composer, David Drayton

7/14/2012 - by Anne Tsang DC Metro Theater Arts

"The story is fast paced, the musical score is full of complicated and beautiful melodies, and the singing talent is most impressive."

"The (Pflueger's) score is entrancing and several times I found myself swaying along to the music and sitting on the edge of my seat as it built up to events in the show"

"The highlights of the very talented singing cast was Pflueger's deep yet smooth butter-like bass-baritone and Alisa Kieffer's (in the role of Amanda Dumfries) beautiful soprano voice as she hit each high night impeccably.Even though I had read the original short story and seen the movie, I was so drawn into the show that when the inevitable tragedy occurs at the end (it is an opera after all), I found myself 'misty eyed.'"



Fringe Review: "Children in the Mist, A Horror Opera

7/28/2012 - By April Forrer Maryland Theatre Guide

"Fans of operatic singing can revel in the fine, contemporary musical score, which at times evokes the creepiness of King's writing. Pflueger's bass-baritone voice and that of mezzo Castrello are strong, beautiful and well worth the price of admission."

 "If you get scared, just cover your eyes.  Your ears will thank you." 



WAM2  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- LeporelloTuesday, 3/8/ 2011 - by Terry Ponick Washington Times

"Sean Pflueger was also perfectly cast in the role of Leporello, the Don?s hapless sidekick." March 10, 2011 By Rosalind Lacy, DC Theater Scene   

"That's what his servant Leporello sings (resonant-voiced bass Sean Pflueger in a commanding presence.)"



The Mikado- Pish-Tush

4/14/2010 by Terry Ponick, DC Theater Scene   

"Backing up Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo are Scott Kenison as the peripatetic Pooh-Bah and Sean Pflueger as the officious Pish-Tush. [Sean] Pflueger adds the necessary bass-baritone heft to many ensemble numbers, contributing a surprising delicacy and elegance in the lower registers."



WAM  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Figaro/Various1/26/2010 by Rosalind Lacy   DC Theater Scene  

"Figaro, sung by the versatile, young baritone Sean Pflueger, is encouraging anarchy by making fun of the aristocrat's assumed right to sleep with his servant girl."




Washington Ballet, the In Series portray a fun-loving Mozart in 'WAM!'By Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

Washington Post Staff Writer



"This scenario gets to the heart of the collaboration, as Webre gives cues to In Series singers and Hubner makes suggestions for stage directions. But the two groups are unified when it comes to their focus on the fanciful: Sean Pflueger as Papageno from "The Magic Flute" making theatrical figure eights around his fellow singers; an interlude with the love-potion-toting magician from "Bastien and Bastienne"; and the set change to an aquatic adventure, complete with breaching dolphins."



The Washington Savoyards' 'Iolanthe' at the Atlas Theater- Mountararat Joan Reinthaler Washington Post

3/30/2009; 12:32 PM

"As two Earls, Sean Pflueger and Ronnie Hardcastle engaged in sparkling repartee."

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