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This bubbly concoction is like an ice cream soda. It's sweet and funny and beautifully performed, all of which helps to explain why it's nearly sold out.
Capital Fringe Festival
Pick of the Fringe 

DC Theater Scene

"Pflueger has written a wonderful romantic aria that turns him, at a pivotal moment of decision, in a new direction for Ethan Rosenblum"

Do Not Disturb

One Act Opera- 90 Minutes

Music and Orchestrations by Sean Pflueger

Libretto by Laura W. Fuentes

A One Act Farce

Ethan, a junior attorney, calls out "sick" in order to propose to his girlfriend at a romantic lakeside resort. Unfortunately his boss, Rosenburg, is meeting his mistress, the judge, at the same bed and breakfast. Meanwhile, Rosenburg's wife has enlisted her niece to spy on his extramarital activities. Compromising situations, mistaken identities, and a hotel employee who can't get anyone's room number right lead to mayhem and hilarity of operatic proportions.

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Original Concept

Do Not Disturb was conceived as a operatic farce that is completely sung through. All the characters problems are contemporary and have all the interruptions of modern life including the cell phone calls and text messages. 

Meet the Characters

Ethan Rosenblum, Bass-Baritone 30s: A junior attorney at Rosenburg and Associates. Earnest and overworked. He is taking Emma away in order to surprise her with a proposal. (G#2-F4).


Emma Chapman, Soprano, 20-30s: Ethan’s girlfriend. Idealistic and kind, but frustrated by Ethan’s lack of work-life balance. Excited to be getting away and spending some time together. (E4-B5)


George Rosenburg, Baritone, 50-60s: Partner at Rosenburg and Associates. Intelligent but easily flustered. Driving his niece, Roxanne, back to college, and using it as an excuse to meet up with his mistress, Virginia, who is the judge presiding over his current case. (B2-G4)


Roxanne Rosenburg, Soprano, late teens: Rosenburg’s niece, on her way back to college. Sarcastic, bored, and always on her phone. Her aunt, Sandra Rosenburg, has asked her to spy on Rosenburg and collect evidence of his infidelity, which will help her in divorce court. (D4-C6)


Mrs. S., Mezzo-Soprano, 40- 60s: Runs the B&B almost single-handedly. She wants to impress Rosenburg because he is an important mover and shaker. She also finds him attractive. (D4-G5)


Matt, High Baritone/Tenor, late teens: Works at the B&B. Affable but oblivious. Always on his phone instead of paying attention. (D3-G#4 (A4))


Virginia, Soprano, 40-60s: Judge presiding over Rosenburg’s current case. Also his mistress. Powerful, attractive, and used to being the smartest person in the room. (D4-C6)


Sandra Rosenburg, Soprano, 50-60s: Rosenburg’s wife. She has initiated divorce proceedings, but needs proof of infidelity to get a more favorable settlement, and has bribed her niece, Roxanne, to spy on Rosenburg and gather evidence. Intelligent and ruthless. (F#4-B5)


Tech 1 and Tech 2/Marissa, Middle Voices: These singers play the GPS voices, as well as ring-tones, fire alarms, and incoming text messages from characters who don’t appear in the opera.

Original Production

World Premiere Performance: 

Capital Fringe Festival July 9th through 23rd, 2016

"Do Not Disturb" a comic opera 

Capital Fringe Festival at the Atlas- Sprenger Theater.

Company: The Forgotten Opera Company/VLOC

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