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Brides and Mothers

One Act Opera- 30 Minutes

Brides and Mothers

Music by Sean Pflueger

Libretto by Laura W. Fuentes

Scene:   A bridal shop. Modern day.

Two brides show their mothers the dresses they’ve chosen for their weddings, revealing priorities that clash with their respective mothers’ values. Mother 1 objects to the extravagance of Bride 1’s wedding plans, and fears that she is missing the point of marriage, while Bride 1 is hurt that her mother is trying to quash her celebration. Mother 2 objects to the simplicity of Bride 2’s choice, fearing that she will be overshadowed by the woman she is marrying, and encourages her to embrace a more feminine, flamboyant approach. Each mother-daughter pair quarrels and separates. Mother 1 encounters Bride 2 in the store, and Mother 2 encounters Bride 1. Through their exchanges with each other, each is able to better understand their own mother/daughter relationship, and find some resolution.

Meet the Characters

Bride 1- Soprano -Excited to host the event of a lifetime, with all the pictures to prove it.

Mother 1- Mezzo- Down-to-earth and practical. Doesn’t understand why her daughter needs to make such a fuss over herself.


Bride 2- Mezzo -Modest and understated. Marrying her girlfriend, very much in love.

Mother 2- Soprano - Image-conscious and hyper-feminine. Has always envisioned a traditional wedding with her daughter as the center of attention.

Original Production

World Premiere  

Brides and Mothers

Directed by Debbie Grossman

Fully staged performance

The Forgotten Opera Company
November 9 & 10, 2019
Montgomery College, Silver Spring, MD

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