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Pick of the Fringe 2023
The real reason to see this show is to hear the show, for composer Sean Pflueger has written some lovely music, and the cast is... a delight to listen to.


The very ambitious and ear-entrancing music by Sean Pflueger was adventurous in scope and sound

Captial Fringe Festival Awards

Brunch with the Boys
Best Ensemble 2023

Brunch with the Boys

One Act Opera- 55 Minutes

Music and Orchestrations by Sean Pflueger

Libretto by Michael Vegas Mussman

Five LGBT friends catch up at brunch while on vacation. They share their adventures, their love, and their heartache. Sometimes the only people who can understand you are the ones that have been in your situation, felt your pride and shame, and come out the other side stronger than before.

But... funny.


Original Reception

Brunch with the Boys premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival in July 2023 to rave reviews. DC Theater Arts called it Pick of the Fringe 2023. It won Best Ensemble at the Capital Fringe 2023. Broadway said "The very ambitious and ear-entrancing music by Sean Pflueger was adventurous in scope and sound ---evoking a musical myriad of moods that careens from angst-ridden to sensual to joyful in feeling.  The operatic sensibility is purposeful yet frothy and teasing in tone as befits this small cast of five friends who share Sunday Brunch while a philosophical waitress/waiter supplies drinks and “diva-esque” witty repartee. Pflueger’s work was alternately hopeful, variegated and wistfully arresting and highly original (yet, indeed, the spirit of the composer William Finn hovers in its iconoclastic moments---this is intended as a compliment)" 

Meet the Characters


The loveable goofball who can’t seem to settle down. He chases every other guy he sees. ADHD and perpetually late. He is the heart of the story


The leader gay of the group. He owns the beach house where the guys stay when on vacation. An overachiever, he is dedicated to his job, but has zero work-life balance. Married to Benny, whom he loves to spoil. Their relationship is open, and Adam likes it that way. 


The twink. Witty, sarcastic, even a little bitchy at times. Much younger than his rich husband Adam. They have an open relationship. 


The bear. He likes to play mother and life coach to his friends. Comfortable in his own skin. He’s overweight, hairy, and proud of it. He knows that men are attracted to his confidence. 


A little bit country. He used to be married to a woman, but is now divorced. He is lovelorn and misses being in a relationship. He comes to acknowledge his hidden feelings for Milo.


Female identifying and presenting. She has worked at this restaurant for many years and knows all the regulars. She is so over it. Her tongue is acid but her heart is gold.

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