Sean Pflueger
 Bass-Baritone & Composer

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Brunch with the Boys  a NEW comic opera

World Premiere Performance: 2023 Capital Fringe Festival  

DCJCC, Theatre J - 2023

Venue Address:
1529 16th St NW 

Washington, DC 20036 

Entrance on Q Street NW

7/13 6:00 pm

7/19 6:00pm
7/21 8:00pm
7/22 1:00pm
7/23 11:15am

Music by Sean Pflueger

Just your typical Gay Brunch, a little drama, a lot of laughing, and drinks.


Noon on Sunday


A gay bar that serves brunch

 Five LGBT friends meet once a month to catch up. They share their adventures, their love, and their heartache. Sometimes the only people who can understand you are the ones that have been in your situation, felt your pride and shame, and come out the other side stronger than before. But... funny.

Fundraising Information

I’ve been wanting to write a show about the gay experience. It takes a lot of faith and perseverance to write an opera. I’ve been searching for a collaborator for 5 or six years who understood the tone and content of the piece. It took some perseverance to find my collaborator, Michael Vegas Mussman. When I pitched the show to him, I found an experienced librettist who knew all the classical and musical theater references. I can talk about Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Sondheim, and Jerry Herman and he knows what I’m talking about. We spent a lot of time talking about our own experiences as LGBT men, the camaraderie, the struggles, and the love. He understands theater and loved my pitch for a show on the gay experience, so we decided to start a collaboration. 

After outlining the plot of a potential show, we wrote some trial arias. We are excited by the outcome and decided we want to produce this show at Capital Fringe July 2023. We could get the help of various artists I know to help shape the work, from characterization to orchestration. I’d be able to rent space for rehearsal and hire professional musicians for the run of the show and recording. I consider each chance to write a show a learning experience. I’m a performing opera singer without a lot of spare time in between productions. When Covid canceled all my upcoming contracts, I used the time to take classes on orchestration, music theory, and arranging with teachers across the country. I know I’ve grown as an artist and I want to write a new show that exemplifies all I’ve learned.

My goal for this show is to engage all LGBT artists to shape and perform the show. LGBT people are not represented in the standard cannon of opera. Many of the performers have never gotten the opportunity to play a character that is reflective of their own experience in the world. It will be meaningful to have LGBT people singing about their own experiences in a contemporary society. I know so many talented performers who do all the music jobs they can get. Doing a show about the LGBT experience would have a special meaning to them. This type of small chamber opera will still require financial backing to fully realize it's potential. We need rehearsal space, musicians, scenery (artwork), photography, and audio/video recordings. The more funding the show can secure, the more the show can be fully realized. The plan is to do a workshop of the opera in April 2023 and perform at the 2023 Capital Fringe Festival.

Do Not Disturb- Capital Fringe 2016

The Pier Point Lobster Race- College Light Opera Company 2018

Cast of Characters

Character Name
 Voice Type
Unlucky in love, trying to bounce back from his last relationship
Workaholic with a younger husband
Promiscuous twink with a sugar daddy husband
A confident bear, quick to laugh, and quick to pounce on any opportunity
The strong silent type, laconic with a hidden heart
A fabulous but put upon server who knows the usual crowd

For Performance Rights or for a Perusal Score

Gay Brunch is a great show for a scenes program or double bill.

Contact the composer to find out how to perform the show.