Sean Pflueger
 Bass-Baritone & Composer

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The Pier Point Lobster Race

Music by Sean Pflueger 

Libretto by Laura W. Fuentes

Commissioned in 2018 by The College Light Opera Company (CLOC) as a part of their New Works Initiative

Premiere Dates: June 26th through June 30th, 2018

College Light Opera Company 

Director: Mark A. Pearson

Music Director: Jonathon Brennand

Highfield Theater

58 Highfield Dr
Falmouth, MA 02540

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About The Pier Point Lobster Race

A One Act Operetta

The town of Pier Point is hosting its tri-centennial celebration, which will culminate in the town’s hotly anticipated lobster race. Following the race will be the sunset wedding of Lucy Parker and Nathan Bourne on the Pier, followed by a lobster feast. The winning lobster from the race will be pardoned and released prior to the feast. But the Pier has been double-booked, and a real estate magnate has their eye on developing the waterfront into condos. Can one lobster save the day?

Reviews of The Pier Point Lobster Race

06/27/2018 The Cape Cod Times declares Pflueger/Fuentes's The Pier Point Lobster Race to be "hilarious", "deliciously zany" and
"It’s too soon to proclaim them the next Gilbert and Sullivan, but if this brilliantly funny debut is any indication, they have a long career ahead of them."

06/28/2018 The Enterprise says "The songs were well done and funny. I especially liked 'A Boy and his Lobster'", "The play has a lot of humor" , and "I can see why it was the winner [of the competition]."

Jimmy (Hayden Kerzie) and LouEllen the Lobster

Cast of Characters

Character Name
Voice Type
The Honorable Edna Bourne
Mayor of Pier Point, mother of Nathan
Henry Parker
Chair of Tricentennial Committee, father of Lucy
Lucy Parker
Marrying Nathan Bourne
Nathan Bourne
Daughter of Henry, son of Edna, marrying Lucy Parker
Town clerk, owner of hometown favorite lobster LuEllen
Town employee, has a crush on Jimmy
Doreen Duncan
Real estate magnate and owner of prize lobster Ragnarok
Ezra Hatch
Long-time Lobster Race announcer
Chorus of 12 Townspeople (SATB)
Real Estate Investors
Chorus of 12 Real Estate Investors (SATB)

For Performance Right or Perusal Score

The Pier Point Lobster Race is a great show for a company or university that performs light opera such as Gilbert and Sullivan or Offenbach. There are 8 roles and several solos for members of the ensemble. The ensemble is integral to the plot of the show and is divided into two mixed groups, rather than the standard men's and women's choruses of G&S. There is a piano score and an arrangement for chamber orchestra with a similar contingent of a Gilbert and Sullivan pit.

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