Sean Pflueger
 Bass-Baritone & Composer

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Music by Sean Pflueger  and Libretto by Laura W. Fuentes

Brides and Mothers

Music by Sean Pflueger

Libretto by Laura W. Fuentes

Live Recording of the Premiere Performance

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Scene:   A bridal shop. Modern day.

Two brides show their mothers the dresses they’ve chosen for their weddings, revealing priorities that clash with their respective mothers’ values. Mother 1 objects to the extravagance of Bride 1’s wedding plans, and fears that she is missing the point of marriage, while Bride 1 is hurt that her mother is trying to quash her celebration. Mother 2 objects to the simplicity of Bride 2’s choice, fearing that she will be overshadowed by the woman she is marrying, and encourages her to embrace a more feminine, flamboyant approach. Each mother-daughter pair quarrels and separates. Mother 1 encounters Bride 2 in the store, and Mother 2 encounters Bride 1. Through their exchanges with each other, each is able to better understand their own mother/daughter relationship, and find some resolution.

11/09/2019 World Premiere of Pflueger/Fuentes's 
Brides and Mothers
The Forgotten Opera Company
November 9 & 10, 2019
Montgomery College, Silver Spring, MD

Cast of Characters

Character Name
 Voice Type
Bride 1
Excited to host the event of a lifetime, with all the pictures to prove it.
Mother 1
Down-to-earth and practical. Doesn’t understand why her daughter needs to make such a fuss over herself.
Bride 2
Modest and understated. Marrying her girlfriend, very much in love.
Mother 2
Image-conscious and hyper-feminine. Has always envisioned a traditional wedding with her daughter as the center of attention.

For Performance Rights or for a Perusal Score

Brides and Mothers is a great show for a scenes program or double bill. There are 4 roles for women, 2 sopranos and 2 mezzos. Each character has an equal chance to sing an arietta, duet, quartet, while acting as relatable 21st Century character. 

There is a piano score and an arrangement for piano and violin, cello, flute and Bb clarinet. The show is about 26 minutes long.

Contact the composer to find out how to perform the show.