Sean Pflueger
 Bass-Baritone & Composer

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Music & Lyrics by Sean Pflueger

Children in the Mist, a horror opera

Music & Lyrics by Sean Pflueger

based upon the short story entitled "The Mist" by Stephen King

World Premiere Performance: 

Festival: 2012 Capital Fringe Festiva- July 2012

Venue: Gala Theatre at Tivoli Square

Company: innovativi Riverbend Opera Company

Capital Fringe 2012 Soloists: Anamer Castrello, Alisa Kieffer, Bryan Jackson, Kurt Hoffman, Linda Kiemel, John Turner, Sean Pflueger, Patricia Portillo, Chris Herman, Cathy Carlin, Sarah Powell, Alex Boule-Buckley, Aref Dajani, Eric Sillers, Henry Buckholz, and Jeanie Adkins.

Chorus: Lindsey Rapp, Teal Ruland, Jaimie Appleton, Casey Keeler, Joellyn Giovetsis, Zachary McDaniel, and Elliot Kiemel.

About Children in the Mist

A supernatural Mist traps a group of people in a small town grocery store, scared for their lives. A man and his son learn it can be more dangerous to trust the people inside than to face the monsters outside. There will be deaths, arguments, blood, monsters, smoke, religious fervor, and most importantly beautiful music. 

Performed in English.

Press Highlights

Children in the Mist, a Horror Opera

Saturday, July 14, 2012 - by Anne Tsang DC Metro Theater Arts

"The story is fast paced, the musical score is full of complicated and beautiful melodies, and the singing talent is most impressive."

"The (Pflueger's) score is entrancing and several times I found myself swaying along to the music and sitting on the edge of my seat as it built up to events in the show"

"The highlights of the very talented singing cast was Pflueger's deep yet smooth butter-like bass-baritone and Alisa Kieffer's (in the role of Amanda Dumfries) beautiful soprano voice as she hit each high night impeccably.Even though I had read the original short story and seen the movie, I was so drawn into the show that when the inevitable tragedy occurs at the end (it is an opera after all), I found myself 'misty eyed.'"

Fringe Review: "Children in the Mist, A Horror Opera"

July 28, 2012 - By April Forrer Maryland Theatre Guide

"Fans of operatic singing can revel in the fine, contemporary musical score, which at times evokes the creepiness of King's writing. Pflueger's bass-baritone voice and that of mezzo Castrello are strong, beautiful and well worth the price of admission."

 "If you get scared, just cover your eyes.  Your ears will thank you."